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20 Tips from (more than) 20 Years!

How to Deliver Powerful and Persuasive Presentations ... with Pizzazz!

- From our Business Success Series -

By Sandi Givens, Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association of Australia

This eBook is jam-packed with practical, easy to implement techniques that wll transform your current presentation skills!

"Hello again Sandi - This week I gave my first presentation since reading your book 20 Tips from (more than) 20 Years – How to Deliver Powerful and Persuasive Presentations ... with Pizzazz! and it made such a difference to my presentation as well as my stress levels.  Your book is so comprehensive and practical.  I was able to prepare more effectively, know what to leave out and what to include, and even helped me stay calm when there was a technical glitch!  It really is a must read for anyone who wants to master the art of presenting to a group."

Angela Esnouf, Director, Creating Order from Chaos, Expert AAPO Professional Organiser

Whether you present to 3 , 30 or 300+ people, you'll find priceless information here that will enable you to ...

  • Engage your audience more quickly
  • Make your messages memorable
  • Consistently achieve the outcomes of your presentation
  • And, most importantly, get 'comfortable in your own skin' when you're 'on stage'

​You'll learn how to ...

  • Effectively structure a presentation that your audience can easily follow
  • Know what to keep in and what to toss out of a presentation
  • Never run out of time again!
  • Grab your audience's attention - quickly - with your first sentence
  • Craft a 'Call to Action' that will get results
  • Deal with those tricky questions your audience asks
  • Use a wide range of visual aids professionally
  • Manage the unforeseen with grace and aplomb!

...and so much more

If you're involved in sharing your knowledge, presenting to meetings, making sales pitches, speaking at conferences ... even making speeches at weddings and family events - this eBook is a must for your library!

Price: $39.95

The 7 Greatest Barriers to having 100% confidence 100% of the time
(and the secrets to overcoming them!)

By Sandi Givens, Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association of Australia

In researching this topic over many months I asked my clients “What keeps you from feeling more confident more often?”. I discovered there are seven common blocks to confidence and this eBook covers strategies to deal with each of these in detail.

Whether you fear failure, are concerned about causing conflict if you speak your mind or are worried about job security, there are answers in this book.

Complete with strategies for individuals as well as for organisations that want to create more positive cultures for their staff, this eBook will provide you with tangible and practical ideas that you can implement immediately!

Price: $24.95

Make your Life Matter - Volume 1

Inspirational Thoughts and Actions that will build your Self Esteem & Create a Positive Difference in the World

By Sandi Givens, Certified Speaking Professional, National Speakers Association of Australia

We all need a lift now and again. Life can wear us out, deplete our energy and somehow shrink our spirit. I wrote this book for those times when we need some uplifting reading, an idea that will stir our consciousness and raise our spirits.

Under different subject headings such as ‘What it means to be Courageous’, ‘Know your Worth’ and ‘Uncommon Teamwork’, inside you’ll find 25 inspirational quotes along with several paragraphs from me about how you can apply the wisdom these contain to your daily life.

A great ‘pick-me-up’ from when you – or a friend – needs it most.

Price: $24.95

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  • In my work, I frequently speak with people who are disenchanted with their lives.

    “I feel so frustrated … I’ve been doing the same thing at work for years and I just can’t seem to get ahead.”

    “I feel lost. I know I am capable of doing more but have no idea how to achieve what I really want to do.”

    “Maybe I’m just not meant to do anything else. I mean, who am I to want more?”


    I find this very sad. 

  • Work/Life Balance doesn't exist - and while we continue to strive to achieve it, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.


    The phrase itself suggests a couple things that are inherent in the problem:

  • Frankly, no. It's not possible - and we are causing ourselves untold frustration and disappointment while we keep trying to achieve it!
    Why do I say this?
    Well, think for a minute about the phrase itself - 
  • (WARNING: Your life as you know it is about to change)


    “How can I handle difficult people?”

    Answer – you can’t.

    “Wait – what? You mean I’m stuck with them in my life?”

    Answer – it all depends on how you look at it.

  • I recently attended a three-day women’s festival that I attended for the first time in 2016. It’s never the same the second, third or umpteenth time around is it? First of all, there’s that ‘first time newness’ that we can only get once. “Wow! Look at that!” “Goodness, that’s amazing!” And so on … because we are seeing things through fresh, first-time eyes.

    In our subsequent visits, while we look for that same magic, but logically know it will be different than our beloved ‘first-time’.  We then start to notice what’s not there that we liked the previous year(s), and lament “But I really liked that!”

    So this year, I decided to focus instead on what was new, different and intriguing. And that’s how I came across The Release Tree.

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