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Presentation Skills

We’ve all the heard the statistics – the vast majority of people fear Public Speaking more than anything else in life, including spiders, snakes and even death!

This fear blocks people from many opportunities in life, and I know the experience of presenting need not be this daunting!

The focus of my Presentation Skills Workshops is to get people comfortable in their own skin.

The worst Public Speakers are those that attempt to imitate others and take on a ‘style’ that is nothing like their natural way of being. So my starting point is to help people experience simply speaking in front of a small group of people. What they talk about at this stage is irrelevant – just getting the experience of successfully holding people’s attention for even a short period of time logged in their brains as a reference structure for the future is what matters most!

Corporate In-house programs are specifically designed to meet the needs and experience levels of those attending.

Our Public Workshops on Presentation Skills are focused on either business owners who wish to use speaking as a marketing tool, or corporate employees who want to master this fundamental business and life skill.

All programs will draw on topics from the following:

Identifying your fears when Presenting

  • Potential problems & possible solutions

Managing your nerves

  • 31 Tips that will make a difference!

Make your inner voice work for you!

  • What’s your Explanatory Style?
  • Reframing

Developing Rapport with your Audience

  • How to connect with them
  • The importance of Eye Contact
  • The effective use of Body Language
  • Being ‘comfortable in your own skin’
Presentation Skills
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A Magic Formula for Structuring your Presentations – in a flash!

  • How people prefer to learn
  • The 4 Vital parts of your Presentation

How to many any topic interesting

Asking & Answering Questions

  • How to get involvement with the artful use of questions
  • Managing the questions your audience asks

Money-Back Guarantee

As always, you will have our unconditional guarantee of your outcomes being achieved.

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Presentation Skills Testimonials

“Thank you for your wonderful seminar on Critical Presentation Skills. I enjoyed it immensely – as well as being thoroughly challenged throughout the day. But all day you provided strong encouragement and support, your warm manner made us all comfortable and suddenly all things became possible.  Thanks for a great day.”

Anne Morton, Business Manager, Lifestyle Videos

“I enjoyed being encouraged to present and learning that the only thing stopping me from doing this well were the thoughts in my head.” 

Kimberley Dixon, Manager Southern Region, Canon Australia

“Sandi delivered more than expected, if that's possible. Public Speaking would have to be my worst fear and now I really feel I have the toolkit to engage with an audience, leaving my fear in the past. I can now view pubic speaking in a positive light.”  

Jikara Liddy, Project Manager, Telstra

“Sandi, your ability to take a group of strangers with various backgrounds and experience and help us all to take our speaking skills to a whole new level is fantastic and much appreciated. Thanks Sandi!”

Caroline Cameron, Executive Career & Lifestyle Coach, Author & Speaker, Possibility to Reality

“I have presented for 40 years in many venues but have become lazy and even boring. I now have a structure I know will work and work every time. I learned so much. Thanks!” 

Les White, CEO, Maximum Impact Professionals

“An immense sense of freedom in the room. A very safe space.” 

Clare Singleton, Director, Embrace Sports Medicine

“It was with real passion and compassion. Very helpful with personal tips. Loved the interactions, humour, the presentation style. Another inspiration for me. Sandi, you made it possible for me. Thank you.” 

Monica Rohrer, Life Coach, Cosmic Flow

“Your programs consistently rate the highest of any we offer.  Your facilitation is powerfully energetic and engaging.  Your uniqueness is just how easy you make it look and feel for the participants – you hold out to them that learning new skills is not beyond their capability.”

Russell Fisher, L & D Consultant, Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria

“Sandi is without doubt one of the most skilled communicators and facilitators of change that I have ever encountered in my professional career. Her skill as a communicator is truly extraordinary, and the creativity and spontaneity she brings to the learning environment is exceptional. Many participants comment that their learning with Sandi has been a ‘life changing experience’.”

Denise Lavell, Training Service Manager, Synergy Plus Training & Development

 “After more than  eight years in the speaking industry I have seen a lot of speakers and trainers and I can say without hesitation, Sandi Givens is one of the finest.  Sandi's attention to detail, professionalism, genuine care for her audience and outstanding presentation skills make her a must for any organisation seeking improved performance.  I had the privilege of working with Sandi and a team of other presenters, to deliver a 3-month leadership program for one client over four years. I can tell you, Sandi was a favourite with the different groups ever year.  I would happily recommend Sandi Givens as a speaker, trainer or MC to any company or event organiser.”

Paul McCarthy, Director, Business Support Network Pty Ltd

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