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When my schedule permits, I love facilitating Public Workshops! Through these events, I am able to help individuals who either …

  • Work in the corporate world and their employer doesn’t provide this training in-house

  • Are business owners looking to develop their skills but can’t find practical training that delivers tangible results

Our Public Programs are either ½ day, full day, or a series of ½ day workshops.

And I specifically use the word workshops.

These aren’t ‘chalk and talk’ sessions where the presenter simply ‘dumps’ the information on top of you.

Nor are they ‘friend-fests’ that are lots of fun, but without substance or delivering real skill development.

They are …

  • Extremely interactive
  • Provide lots of opportunity for individual, pared and small group work
  • Focused on real-world outcomes and development of specific skills to assist you in business & life
  • Supported by post-program support, including construction of your own personal Action Plan
  • Based on my years of experience in training rooms, learning what works – and what doesn’t – to create a truly effective learning experience for all learning styles and preferences
  • Relaxed – and professional
  • Lots of fun
  • Complete with our money-back guarantee – if you don’t get what you hoped for, you’ll pay nothing
Sandi's Public Programs
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“Sandi delivered more than expected, if that's possible. Public Speaking would have to be my worst fear and now I really feel I have the toolkit to engage with an audience, leaving my fear in the past. I can now view pubic speaking in a positive light.” 

Jikara Liddy, Project Manager, Telstra

“Sandi, your ability to take a group of strangers with various backgrounds and experience and help us all to take our speaking skills to a whole new level is fantastic and much appreciated. Thanks Sandi!”

Caroline Cameron, Executive Career & Lifestyle Coach, Author & Speaker, Possibility to Reality

“I have presented for 40 years in many venues but have become lazy and even boring. I now have a structure I know will work and work every time. I learned so much. Thanks!”

Les White, CEO, Maximum Impact Professionals

“I thoroughly enjoyed today's training. Sandi is absolutely fabulous, so inspiring, so willing to share her expertise and 'tricks of the trade' with us. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment of time and money and I look forward to more learning opportunities with Sandi because I know she will guide me to be the best I can be.” 

Maria Makushev

“An immense sense of freedom in the room. A very safe space.”

Clare Singleton, Director, Embrace Sports Medicine

“It was with real passion and compassion. Very helpful with personal tips. Loved the interactions, humour, the presentation style. Another inspiration for me. Sandi, you made it possible for me. Thank you.”

Monica Rohrer, Life Coach, Cosmic Flow

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