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Promises I make to my Corporate Clients …

  1. I give you my unconditional guarantee of your outcomes being achieved
  2. I will work with the attendees’ managers, assisting them in honing their coaching skills so they can best help their staff integrate their new skills in the work environment
  3. Increased productivity will result from the practical and doable actions I share with your staff
  4. You can relax – our attention to detail and commitment to excellence is unquestionable
  5. Your staff will feel empowered and eager to put their new learning to use immediately
  6. Post-program processes ensure learning and motivation are translated into actions
  7. Your staff will thank you – they will be entertained, informed, inspired … and compelled to make positive changes in their lives
  8. No risk, no regrets … no worries!  I will exceed your expectations

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Coprorate Services Testimonials

“The retreat was an outstanding success.  Sandi’s style of presentation and engagement was dynamic, enthusiastic and inclusive.  She took the time before the retreat to ensure the program content fully catered for our corporate needs.  Her obvious high skill level and subject matter expertise gave her the cognizance to develop and include content material to deliver a program that was exceptional.  Sandi’s willingness to share ideas and personal life experiences endeared her to all.  Participant feedback after the event is very encouraging and as a result I am working with Sandi to determine the scope and frequency of further programs for us.”

Vladimir A Prpich, Director, Monash Residential Services

“Your programs consistently rate the highest of any we offer.  Your facilitation is powerfully energetic and engaging.  Your uniqueness is just how easy you make it look and feel for the participants – you hold out to them that learning new skills is not beyond their capability.”

Russell Fisher, L & D Consultant, Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria

“Sandi is without doubt one of the most skilled communicators and facilitators of change that I have ever encountered in my professional career. Her skill as a communicator is truly extraordinary, and the creativity and spontaneity she brings to the learning environment is exceptional. Many participants comment that their learning with Sandi has been a ‘life changing experience’.”

Denise Lavell, Training Service Manager, Synergy Plus Training & Development

“Sandi provided a dynamic and polished presentation – she uses her body and voice in a way that grabs and maintains your attention.  She adds richness with stories that beautifully underscore the message and leave you feeling empowered and able to tackle any challenge.  She creates an environment that is alive with the air of possibility. It is wonderful to find a consultant who is both flexible and responsive to our needs, and who acts with great integrity at all times.”

Kerrie Lawrence, HR Consultant, Human Resources Services Division, Deakin University


“I liked the no-nonsense way the content was presented – created a relaxed atmosphere to generate discussion.” 

Karen Barrow, Finance Project Manager, McDonalds Australia Ltd

“Thank you again for leading the Library Staff Let Loose day (Corporate Celebration). Your engaging style and significant professional expertise gave everyone a sense of trust and confidence. You certainly assisted Deakin University Library in working with staff on issues that they had raised through our recent Top Third Staff Survey, including communication, working together better and understanding each other.”

Anne Horn, University Librarian, Deakin University

“An inspiring, practical and informative session presented with warmth and humour.  A must for anyone who wants to move towards more satisfaction and empowerment in every area of their life."

Belinda Denison, Family & Children's Services, Nillumbik Shire Council

“I enjoyed being encouraged to present and learning that the only thing stopping me from doing this well were the thoughts in my head.”

Kimberley Dixon, Manager Southern Region, Canon Australia

“After almost eight years in the speaking industry I have seen a lot of speakers and trainers and I can say without hesitation, Sandi Givens is one of the finest.  Sandi's attention to detail, professionalism, genuine care for her audience and outstanding presentation skills make her a must for any organisation seeking improved performance.  I had the privilege of working with Sandi and a team of other presenters, to deliver a 3-month leadership program for one client over four years. I can tell you, Sandi was a favourite with the different groups ever year.  I would happily recommend Sandi Givens as a speaker, trainer or MC to any company or event organiser.”

Paul McCarthy, Director, Business Support Network Pty Ltd

“Thank you for your wonderful seminar on Critical Presentation Skills. I enjoyed it immensely – as well as being thoroughly challenged throughout the day. But all day you provided strong encouragement and support, your warm manner made us all comfortable and suddenly all things became possible.  Thanks for a great day.”

Anne Morton, Business Manager, Lifestyle Videos

“Sandi is a wonderful blend of passion, compassion and expertise. Her audiences love her for her integrity, her connectedness and her wisdom - as do I. She's real, authentic, calls it as it is - and delivers what she says she will.”

Anne Riches, Director, The Riches Group Pty Ltd

“Most importantly, I’ve learned who I am and what I need to change in my life … NOW!  Sandi has a great energy and used lots of personal experiences that I could relate to.”

Olivia Bannister, Corporate Accounting Manager, McDonalds Australia Ltd

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  • In my work, I frequently speak with people who are disenchanted with their lives.

    “I feel so frustrated … I’ve been doing the same thing at work for years and I just can’t seem to get ahead.”

    “I feel lost. I know I am capable of doing more but have no idea how to achieve what I really want to do.”

    “Maybe I’m just not meant to do anything else. I mean, who am I to want more?”


    I find this very sad. 

  • Work/Life Balance doesn't exist - and while we continue to strive to achieve it, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.


    The phrase itself suggests a couple things that are inherent in the problem:

  • Frankly, no. It's not possible - and we are causing ourselves untold frustration and disappointment while we keep trying to achieve it!
    Why do I say this?
    Well, think for a minute about the phrase itself - 
  • (WARNING: Your life as you know it is about to change)


    “How can I handle difficult people?”

    Answer – you can’t.

    “Wait – what? You mean I’m stuck with them in my life?”

    Answer – it all depends on how you look at it.

  • I recently attended a three-day women’s festival that I attended for the first time in 2016. It’s never the same the second, third or umpteenth time around is it? First of all, there’s that ‘first time newness’ that we can only get once. “Wow! Look at that!” “Goodness, that’s amazing!” And so on … because we are seeing things through fresh, first-time eyes.

    In our subsequent visits, while we look for that same magic, but logically know it will be different than our beloved ‘first-time’.  We then start to notice what’s not there that we liked the previous year(s), and lament “But I really liked that!”

    So this year, I decided to focus instead on what was new, different and intriguing. And that’s how I came across The Release Tree.

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