A somber note about the past 2 days

Only 4 days into my blogging challenge and I've already 'fallen off the wagon'.

I'm forgiving myself, though, as the reason i haven't posted for a few days is both sad and important.

We heard that one of our son's Year 12 classmates took his own life earlier this week.

There are no words to say that will console those grieving right now. There is nothing that can be done that will bring this young man back to us or quickly release our sorrow.

Yet being the practical, 'I've got to do something' kind of person that I am, I've decided that something I can do is write this post.

Parents - please stay connected with your kids. Communicate, laugh, listen - and most importantly, just be there for them.

Children - share your problems, talk with your friends, take time out to re-energise and nurture yourself. Ask for help when you need  it - there is absolutely no shame in this. So many people think they have to 'do it all alone' and are frightened to show any vulnerability or 'crack in their armour'. But the truth is - none of us knows everything. None of us are 'perfect' or have all the answers. So reach out as you need to.

And if you or someone you love is in need of some extra help, here are some great resources - please use them, and encourage anyone who needs help to do so, too. - Online Youth Mental Health Service

Headspace - National Youth Mental Health Foundation

Kids Helpline (for those under 18 years old)   Phone: 1800 55 1800

Lifeline  Phone: 13 11 14


Take care of yourself - and those you love.

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