Hooray for Helen Conway!

Who's Helen Conway?

She's the Director of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency.

And she says it's "disgraceful" that you can count on one hand the number of female Chief Executives of Australia's top 200 companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

(By the way, they are Gail Kelly - Westpac, Kerrie Mather - Sydney Airports Corporation, Katie Page - Harvey Norman, Alison Watkins - Graincorp and Chua Sock Koong - Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.)

So we may have a female Governor General, a female Prime Minister and now a female Speaker of the House - but women are still miles behind when it comes to the gender pay gap and seeing women in very visible leadership roles.

And it's pleasing to see Helen Conway can see the bigger picture, too. She says men are treated equally unfairly when it comes to flexible work arrangments.


"This is not a women's problem: It's a family issue. I have not seen any immaculate conceptions - it takes two to tango.

"Men are also disadvantaged because it's very difficult for men to take up flexible work arrangements.

"The focus should be on gender equality and making it normal for men and women."


Bring on the revolution, I say!

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