Time to take a walk


I heard on the radio this morning on the way into the city that today is evidently Take a Long Walk Day.

Personally I'd never heard of this before, but the story behind it is fascinating.

On August 18, 2000, Canadian man Jean Beliveau, left his home and started an 11 year walk that took him around the world. After his business went bankrupt, he started out on his journey on his 45th birthday. Initially he was running/walking to escape the pain of his business failure. Yet throughout 75,000km across 64 countries, his mission changed. His goal became to promote world-wide peace.

(The fuller story can be found here:

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Today apparently marks the first anniversary of his return home, hence 'Take a Long Walk Day'.

So that's what I plan to do - our border collie/kelpie cross dog will love me for it!

What about you? If not a long walk, certainly a short one will do. The main thing is to get more active ... our national obesity figures aren't anything to be proud of, that's for sure! 

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