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The Corporate Training Revolution


I'm delighted to give you this Special Report - The Corporate Training Revolution.

I wrote it because I can see what's not working - and what needs to change - in order for organisations to get better results and more sustainable change from their investment in training their staff.

Over 30 years experience in working with countelss different industries, professional and organisational cultures has provided me with both a broad and deep perspective on which this paper is based.

It's been written specifically for:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Specialists
  • Organisation Development staff
  • CEOs, Business Owners and Managers responsible for the training and retention of good people

In this Special Report, I examine:

  1. The Real Problems with Corporate Training
  2. Why I have perservered
  3. How Business Reposnds to the Training Need
  4. What this is costing Business, each and every day
  5. The Neuroscience of Learning
  6. What's Needed ... now
  7. The Revolution in Action
  8. Principles of the Corporate training Revolution
  9. My Personal Epiphany
  10. What I'm doing today to create a better tomorrow for Learners in the Business World


Enter your details here to get instant access to this Report that has the potential to change the way you see Training and Learning forever.


Over the next 3 to 4 months, I'll be continuing to provide you with more help in overcoming the challenges you currently face in getting real ROI from your training dollars. You'll receive checklists, tips, articles, videos and step-by-step instructions on how to implement the ideas and strategies uncovered in the Report.

Most importantly, you'll have company. I would love to be your trusted advisor and sounding board as you move to incorporate changes in your organisation's way of developing and truly valuing your team.

At any time, you can unsubscribe from these mailings. We respect your privacy and your time.

Thanks for your interest in joining The Corporate Training Revolution.

Vive la difference!


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