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Leading and Transforming Difficult Teams


7 Pillars to Leading & Transforming Difficult Teams –
3 hour Seminar

Date:         Thursday, 26th September 2013

Time:        7am arrival – 7:15am start – concludes 10am

Venue:      Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne – 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne (between Queen and Elizabeth Streets)

Normal Price:     $194

Special 1/2 Price Offer for you:

$97 - Inclusive of GST (includes cooked breakfast)


Download your Seminar Registration Form here


  • How much time do you waste dealing with disagreements within your team? And what’s this costing you in terms of your time management and the organisation’s profitability?
  • Are you frustrated by the frequent distraction of niggling and persistent team issues that you thought had been dealt with?
  • Do you often wonder why your team doesn’t just get on with their jobs?
  • Are you in danger of losing really good and talented team members?
  • What’s your team not telling you that’s negatively impacting efficiency and your bottom line?

Research has shown

In every Australian workplace, approximately 25% of the staff are engaged, 25% are actively disengaged and the other 50% are just doing enough to keep out of trouble.

(Conversely, a survey of 1,550 employees in three major Australian workplaces revealed employees who felt included experienced an 83% jump in innovation levels and improved responsiveness to customer needs.)

Workplace absences cost on average $3,741 per employee per year (2010).

Dept of Labour statistics show 46% of voluntary resignations are a result of an employee not feeling valued.

Staff turnover rates are on the rise, with the cost of replacing an employee between 75 and 250% of their annual salary.
(The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI))

Research conducted by Econtech on behalf of Medibank Private (2008) stated that office politics, competition, conflicts, poor relationships with superiors and bullying/harassment are all contributors to workplace stress – costing employers $10.11 billion per year and 3.2 days lost per worker per year.

The Productivity Commission states the negative cost implications of workplace bullying include decreased productivity, low workplace morale, mental health issues, increased workers’ compensation claims, absenteeism, investigation costs, legal costs and reputational damage.


Believe me, I understand your dilemma. Prior to establishing my own company 24 years ago, I held 3 senior management positions with between 5 and 17 people reporting directly to me. As my team’s lack of cooperation, gossip and poor communication increased, so did my work hours and stress levels.

I searched long and hard for a remedy that provided genuine, sustainable results. Yet all I could find were 1 and 2-day ‘Team Building’ programs that were no more than a short-term shot-in-the-arm of motivation that quickly dissipated when we returned to our real world of work.


It became my mission to build the solution to the problem of ‘difficult teams’, More than 2 decades of research, training, learning and experience has resulted in a unique program that’s guaranteed to enable you to not only lead but transform your team – from Floundering or Struggling to Performing and Excelling.

The 7 Pillars to Leading & Transforming Difficult Teams is an intensive, interactive and pragmatic program that equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to –

  • Have those crucial difficult and challenging conversations
  •  Manage poor performance in a manner that’s firm, fair and respectful
  • Bring out the very best in each member of your team
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively
  • Create a culture of cooperation and pro-activeness


Question: So how long is a program that can deliver all that?

Answer: The complete program is a 3-day workshop. Too long? … I can help with that! Keep reading …


I understand the pressures of business and the challenge of spending 3 days away from the office.

So I’ve distilled the key foundations of this program into a 3-hour seminar. It’s not a glossy overview or high-level theoretical presentation. You will leave with practical, immediately implementable tools that will assist you in getting ‘the unsaid’ SAID and begin to get your team on the right track. You will be able to more effectively lead, motivate and bring out the best in your team. That’s my promise.


Here’s a snapshot of the 7 Pillars to Leading & Transforming Difficult Teams

Understanding Behaviour

The first step must be about understanding. The late Stephen Covey wisely taught this as one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Your Personal Leadership

How well do you know you? When was the last time you took stock of your values, beliefs and attitudes? How well are you managing your time and energy – and how do you re-charge yourself?

Who are YOU?

You may see yourself as decisive, knowledgeable and organized. But what if your team sees you, instead, as pig-headed, arrogant and rigid? I know that isn’t pleasant to hear or consider … looking in the mirror often isn’t.

Who are THEY?

Mapping out where you see your team members fitting in terms of their personalities and behaviours will give you clarity as to how you can most effectively manage, lead and transform their performance.

Resolving Conflict

I’ve yet to meet anyone who truly and deeply loves conflict. Over the years, we all develop a variety of skills to deal with this in our lives, including avoidance, assertion of power and authority, coercion and compromise. There are other alternatives!

Masterful Questioning and Listening

Masterful questioning enables us to avoid assumptions and get to the heart of a problem quickly. And we need to learn how to acknowledge both what someone is saying as well as the emotion behind their message to create honest connection, rapport and respect.

Getting the Balance Right

You and your team members are ‘whole’ people. Sure, we can take on a role when we arrive at work, but we are still a human being with needs, wants and challenges in our lives. Lets’ learn how to look after ourselves and others as complete human beings.


We guarantee you will see, hear and experience measurable results!

  • Reduction in staff turnover, absenteeism & sick leave absences
  • Conflicts dealt with quickly & effectively
  • Accurate communication throughout the organisation
  • Increased productivity, morale & proactive behaviour

BONUS Session!

How to give Effective Feedback - and have those difficult conversations!

7 Pillars to Leading & Transforming Difficult Teams – 3 hour Seminar

Date:         Thursday, 26th September 2013

Time:        7am arrival – 7:15am start – concludes 10am

Venue:      Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne – 328 Flinders Street, Melbourne (between Queen and Elizabeth Streets)

Normal Price:     $194

Special 1/2 Price Offer for you:

$97 - Inclusive of GST (includes cooked breakfast)

Seats are limited – to claim yours

Call 03 9844 4612

Email vanessa@theexceptionalassistant.com.au


Download the complete Seminar Flyer with the link below.

Download the Seminar Registration Form here.


We look forward to seeing you soon at this break-through seminar!


Leading__Transforming_Difficult_Teams_Program_Flyer.pdf Leading__Transforming_Difficult_Teams_Program_Flyer.pdf (142kB)
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