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Taking Teams to the Top

The Unique 7-Step System that Guarantees Results!

Step 1: The Decision Step

Ensuring decision-makers & key stakeholders are committed to the program and really willing to personally support it.

This program is not just a 1-day-shot-in-the-arm of motivation that evaporates within a week. This type of ‘team building’ has it’s place, but research, experience – and my clients over the past 20 years – tell me true change in culture, attitudes and behaviour requires more. More time, more awareness and more commitment.

And that’s why I created this program – to help you and your team create the real and sustainable changes you desire.

Step 2: The Health Check

One size doesn’t fit all! I talk with Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and the Team Members to hear their thoughts on what’s working and what’s not.

I look at organizational culture – how does it support the team – and how does it dis-empower them? Where are the Centers of Influence? What would be a significant, but easily achieved first step to move the team and the culture in their desired direction?

All this enables the design of a program that guarantees to deliver what you need to transform your team.

Step 3: Unloading the Baggage

This involves enabling team members to (permanently) let go of resentments, frustrations, and memories of things that happened months or years in the past that they still chew over and are angry about.

Company restructures, reorganizations, changes in team composition and roles, merging 2 or 3 departments … change can leave people with many negative emotions that rarely get expressed. And this needs to truly be put behind them so people can fully and effectively move ahead.

The real risk is believing ‘no news is good news’ – just because staff aren’t voicing these thoughts doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking and feeling them!

Step 4: Team Connect

Being clear on each others areas of responsibility and knowing them as people (not just what they do at work) builds trust and helps communication flow more effectively.

Cross-skilling can fill gaps when people are away and adds variety, challenge and interest to team members’ work.

In my experience, most people won’t ask to learn more about someone else’s job, but when given the opportunity to do so, they jump at it and really thrive – and the organisation benefits by a more engaged, energetic committed workforce and the ability to easily cope when gaps in staffing occur.

Step 5: Building Team Respect

Involves helping team members understand personality differences, accept other people’s ways of seeing & doing things, and develop skills and attitudes that allow them to work WITH the differences – rather than allow the differences to cause conflict.

I stress this Step is not about changing yourself – or other people! It is about becoming more flexible, tolerant and accepting of others.

Step 6: Culture and Climate

Ensuring the team is surrounded by a culture that actively supports the changes they’ve made.

This Step also involves breaking down the ‘silos’ within organisations to dramatically increase efficiency. Teams set up processes so that people are kept informed, and feel more valued in the business.

It’s been proven that happier, more valued employees are more productive, loyal and far more committed than those that don’t experience these things in their work environment.

Step 7: Maintenance and Momentum

Getting people at all levels in the organisation to design and utilise processes, check-points & activities that ensure things stay on track.

I believe the value of my work is most evident when clients tell me “we don’t need you anymore – thanks!”

And that’s what this Step provides – self sufficiency and internal motivation to keep the team moving forward as they desire.

So what measurable results can you expect from the Taking Teams to the Top program?

  • Reduction in staff turnover, absenteeism, sick leave absences
  • Conflicts dealt with quickly and effectively
  • Accurate communication throughout the organisation
  • Increased productivity, morale and proactive behaviours

My wish for you – and all at your organisation – is that you are a part of a team with high esteem that really excels – and the hours you spend at work are truly enjoyable.

I’d be delighted and honoured to assist you in the journey to that destination.

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