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Your Team Esteem Audit is ready for you!

In preparing to Take your Team to the Top, your first step is to complete this Audit which examines 7 areas in which teams typically struggle.

You will read a series of statements, and rate your team in respect to each one according to this scale:

1 = Poor        2 = OK           3 = Good       4 = Tops!

You'll get the most helpful and accurate result by being honest!

To download your Audit, simply click on the PDF link below. A new window will open, enabling you to read it on the screen, save or print the document.

Everything is explained in the Audit ... but if you need a hand with anything at all, I'm here to help! Just email me at sandi@sandigivens.com.au - or call +61 3 9844 4612.

Get ready to Take your Team to the Top!

Team_Esteem_Audit_Part_1.pdf Team_Esteem_Audit_Part_1.pdf (146kB)

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  • In my work, I frequently speak with people who are disenchanted with their lives.

    “I feel so frustrated … I’ve been doing the same thing at work for years and I just can’t seem to get ahead.”

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    I find this very sad. 

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  • Frankly, no. It's not possible - and we are causing ourselves untold frustration and disappointment while we keep trying to achieve it!
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    In our subsequent visits, while we look for that same magic, but logically know it will be different than our beloved ‘first-time’.  We then start to notice what’s not there that we liked the previous year(s), and lament “But I really liked that!”

    So this year, I decided to focus instead on what was new, different and intriguing. And that’s how I came across The Release Tree.

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