Are you ready to step up?

“Leadership is not a popularity contest” I remember my good friend and colleague, Robyn Henderson, sharing that thought with me many years ago. And I truly believes she’s right.

I look at what’s happening in our political system and it makes me sick. We vote these people in, we trust them to spend out money (our taxes) in responsible and appropriate ways.

Yet it seems forever to end up being a popularity contest of some sort. Their decisions seem more often based on what will win them votes at the next election than on either keeping promises they made or doing what is best for the community or our country.

And the same applies to our business world. I see so many Team Leaders, Managers and Directors taking the line of least resistance, making the ‘easy’ decision and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’ by doing something different, innovative or daring. They want to simply ‘keep the peace’ with the shareholders, the staff, their immediate boss …

A true leader is visionary, takes risks and realizes that sometimes the best or ‘right’ decision may be unpopular. But they still show the courage to make that decision and live with the results.

Is today the day you’ll show your leadership?

If not you – then who? If not now – then when?

The world is waiting … your brave, courageous and decisive voice is needed – now.

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  • I recently attended a three-day women’s festival that I attended for the first time in 2016. It’s never the same the second, third or umpteenth time around is it? First of all, there’s that ‘first time newness’ that we can only get once. “Wow! Look at that!” “Goodness, that’s amazing!” And so on … because we are seeing things through fresh, first-time eyes.

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    So this year, I decided to focus instead on what was new, different and intriguing. And that’s how I came across The Release Tree.

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