The Acute Heptagram of Impact


The Acute WHAT of HUH?

I know - the name seems crazy, but the thinking behind it is fascinating - and useful!

Seth Godin, for me, is one of the most innovative and orginal thinkers of our time.

In one of his latest blog posts, he wrote about how, during the implementation of new projects (read 'change'), you can have the right strategy, tactics and execution ... but still not reach your desired destination.

Mind you, when things go wrong, this is all most human beings would consider looking at to see where the 'fault' lay.

But Seth tells us there are 4 more areas which, if not robust and clearly evident, can cause the downfall of many great initiatives. And these are the areas that are not typically considered to be pertinent to a project's success.

1. The reputation of the people, team and organisation who are working on the project

2. The persistence of the team

3. The desire of the team to succeed

4. The team's underlying fears

Seth suggests that if a project isn't going according to plan, it is typically due to one or more of these elements not being right. (Actually, he says in his experience, it's normally all of them.)

Really great food for thought ... what are you looking at when things are going off the rails in your organisation?

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