Conflict always involves more than one person!

Conflict always involves more than one person!

Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Yet, it's surprising to me how many people forget this.When focussed on 'who's to blame', people involved are looking for the singular person who caused it all.



In this article,, the author suggests follwing a simple 'ACES Method' for resolving Team Conflict.

The 'ACES' approach described here seems a bit simplistic to me. The acronym stands for (1) Acknowledge there's a conflict, (2) Clarify what the conflict is about, (3), Enlist the parties' support for finding a solution, and (4) Suggest ways to Solve the conflict.


What's missing? 


Just as it 'takes two to tango', serious conflict requires all parties to acknowledge (to themselves and each other) that (a) they have been hurt/damaged/negatively impacted in the situation, and (b) they have CAUSED hurt/damage/negtative impact on others.


"But I didn't mean to upset them!"


Intentionally or not, consciously or not, people need to accept responsibility for their part in the conflict.


If you'd like to discuss the conflict in your organisation and how I might help, please make contact at ;

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